Regal English Training School

Regal English Training School


About the School

Regal English Training School, which is located in Yiyang City, Hunan Province, was established in May, 2016. Regal English Training School provides a non-degree program with all teaching staff being foreigners. Teachers follow a specific curriculum customized for students who are assigned to different classes based on age and English capability. Average class size is less than 10. Each teacher is equipped with a local assistant who provides administration and teaching support.


1. Located in the city center, convenient for transportation links, shopping and night life.
2. Professional foreign teachers support team
3. 2-3 foreign teachers in the school
4. Advanced hardware facilities
5. Small – size classes


1. Target students: aged from 3 to 22
2. Max: 20 class hours/week (1 hour per class hour)
3. Objectives: You are responsible for oral and listening English teaching in the school, organizing some after-school activities in accordance with the requirements and real situations to help students improving their English ability.
4. You shall comply with the teaching tasks and course arrangements that assigned to you and ensure its quality and quantity.


1. Responsibility
2. Clear English pronunciation
3. Age of 20-60, but prefer to fresh graduates
4. Native Speaker
5. The ability to work independently as well as part of a team
6. Relative teaching experience


A. 8000 – 20000-RMB/month (including flight reimbursement)


⦁ Free accommodation
⦁ Free of enough water, electricity, and network
⦁ TEFL certificate online course reimbursement
⦁ Paid winter holidays
⦁ Paid extra Christmas day