Jiangsu Province is situated downstream from the great Yangtze River and is known as the “land of rivers and lakes.” This Province is full of rich fertile land with a network of rivers and canals resulting in its breath-taking beauty and preservation of historic tourist attractions. Jiangsu has become a centre for education boasting some of the highest density of academic institutions from schools, colleges and research centres. Thus, becoming a world leader in providing excellent teaching experience, offering many benefits such as very low living costs, high salary and the chance to immerse yourself in a rich historic culture
Clong Education Group has become a highly reputable brand in Taizhou’s English training field, based on innovative and inspirational teaching techniques with traditional Chinese educational values. Clong Education Group’s retention in keeping foreign teachers currently stands at 93% for a second year running, making it by far one of China’s leading educational institutes for foreign teachers. Clong Education Group pride themselves on not just being a school, rather a family who are always searching for foreign teachers to join their team. [ Clong Education Group School Details ]
Jiangsu Clong school
Jiangsu Clong school
Founded: 2008
Salary: 13000-15000 RMB/m
Start Date: Anytime
Flight: Free
Accommodation: Free
Contract: 12 months