Shenzhen [深圳] is located in the south of China, known as the “CityScape” showcasing some of the worlds most modern skyscrapers!

Shenzhen is one of the world’s largest manufacturing pivots accounting for the wealthiest city in China!

This is a very modern city yet is still immersed in a rich Chinese culture. Many visit Shenzhen to discover a city engulfed in rich history, art, music, food, ancient tourist attractions and of course not forgetting the shopping and theme parks!


Window of the World


The window of the world is a theme park located in the western area of Shenzhen, known as the Peoples Republic of China. The theme park consists of around 130 replicas of some of the worlds most famous tourist attractions.

 Lizhi Park

Lizhi Park is a scene of beautiful greenery and sparkling clear water against the backdrop of breath taking modern architecture. This is a true local hot spot where you can expect to see people boating on the river, taking park in Chinese dance, enjoying local folk music with a variety of Chinese street food.

Shenzhen Safari Park

Shenzhen Safari Park is the first zoo to have un-caged animals, with huge green mountains encasing the surrounding area, this seems more of a sanctuary for the roam free animals, rather than a zoo. There are more than 300 types of animals from all around the world, including rare/endangered species such as the Giant Pandas, Southern Chinese tigers, Siberian Tigers, Golden Monkeys, Zebras, Giraffes and Asian Elephants.


Shenzhen is a modern city with well-organised, very efficient and cheap transport services. These include the Metro, Intercity Fast Trains, Ferry (Shekou Port Ferry) and the International Airport (Bao’an International Airport)

Hong Kong is a popular destination when visiting Shenzhen, due to the quick and easy transport services available. This can be done using the Ferry, Intercity Trains or Plane.


The Metro is very easy to use by purchasing tickets via a machine (English and Chinese languages) the fare ranges from 2 to 7 RMB. Most stations will open at 06.30am and close around 11pm

Public Bus

The Public Bus crosses every destination in the city and is very efficient. You will usually pay once you are on the bus and seated. Fares range from 2 to 5 RMB.

Further Information 

For more information on Shenzhen  please view this external website link: Read More