King International Kindergarten

King International Kindergarten (known as ‘Wan Ying’) is located in the capital city of Hunan Province, Changsha. It is a private kindergarten with the goal stated as “Kind-hearted, Intelligent, Noble, Global”

Wan’ei Education was founded in 1998 and is strongly influenced by Huxiang culture. It was one of the earliest education institutions in the Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan regions. It created a precedent for early childhood education in Hunan and has now developed into an early childhood education centre.

The schools provide art training and education counselling. The school has further branches for the development of infant supplies, teaching materials and research and development.

Since its foundation, Wan’En Baby Education has been adhering to the concept of “happy education and a happy life”.
The company states that it strives to “fulfil outstanding contributions to the cause of preschool education.”

Please visit the school website to view school photographs and more textual content which you may wish to translate. King International Kindergarten website


  • 1. Located close to the city centre, both convenient for transportation and life
  • 2. Convenient commuting links with the airport, highways and subways
  • 3. Meet new friends in the city from across the globe
  • 4. A Professional foreign teachers support team is provided


  • 1. Target Students: Kindergarten Ages 3 to 7 years old.
  • 2. Hours: Max 35 working hours/week (45 mins per class hour)
  • 3. Objectives: Responsible for supervision of play and ‘storytelling time’. Basic English teaching (both oral and aural).
  • 4. Quality: To comply with the teaching tasks and supervision of children as required


  • 1. To accept Responsibility for assigned tasks
  • 2. To provide clear English pronunciation
  • 3. To be a graduate (aged 20 to 60 years) new graduates welcome
  • 4. To be a Native English speaker
  • 5. Have the ability to work independently as well as part of a team


  • A. 7000-RMB/month for non-experienced applicants
  • C. Salary is negotiable for experienced applicants


  • Free accommodation
  • A flight reimbursement is provided
  • Free Utilities, electricity and network access
  • 400 Yuan meals allowance in the school canteen
  • TEFL certificate online course reimbursement
  • Paid winter holidays
  • Extra Christmas day allowance