Setting up WeChat Pay when you’re in China

Before you do anything, you’re going to need to set up a Chinese bank account. You’ll most likely require one to receive a salary anyway and once that’s done you’re going to want to spend your money, one of the best ways is using WeChat Pay. Setting up a bank account has become more difficult for foreigners in recent years, but it’s a doddle for those who have been employed in a proper and legal manner. […]

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5 Books to check out for teaching abroad

Are you looking for your next adventure? Teaching abroad could be a great new chapter in your life. Here are our top 5 books to give you an idea of how to prepare and what it’s like to teach around the world. 100 Tips for Teaching English Abroad: How to start, survive, and thrive 100 Tips for Teaching English Abroad is a useful resource in helping the reader clarify ideas and pointing out some of […]

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Easter Fun! Teach Abroad

Easter Fun! Teach Abroad Our TEFL teachers had fun this Easter putting on an Easter Arts and Craft day followed by a giant Easter egg hunt! As you can see from the pictures their students had just as much fun! Don’t miss out on an exciting opportunity to travel and teach abroad! Our dedicated staff at F&Y Consultant can turn your dream job into a reality and help you take the step to teach English […]

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Foreign Teachers in China
2018 TEFL teachers

2018 TEFL teachers 2018 has proven to be an exciting start of the year for many of our recent graduates, jetting off to China to begin their adventures in their first graduate job abroad! Like all of our clients, we have kept in regular contact with the new TEFL teachers, and they have shared with us their take on Beijing, the vibrant city they completed their teacher training programme.

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Chinese New Year
Hanshan Temple

Chinese New Year! The extravaganza of the Chinese New Year is approaching! Many of us saw the New Year in at the stroke of midnight on January 31st. However, the Chinese New Year depends on the Lunar calendar, meaning a celebration on a different day each year (often from January 31st to February 20th.) This year it is the Lucky year of the dog. Throughout this Blog we will take you through the Chinese New […]

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