The No.1 Middle School Of Jishou

The No.1 Middle School of Jishou is a Hunan ‘provincial model’ school with a history of over 60 years. It is located near the Dong River running through Jishou city downtown region. Jishou is the capital of Xiangxi Tujia and the Miao Autonomous Prefecture in the west of Hunan province.

There are currently 250 staff members and 58 teaching classes within the school, graded into one of 6 grades. In total there are more than 3,700 students. The school is well presented and compact with a ground area of around 38,000 square meters.

Since the year 2002, the school has been employing foreign teachers to do oral English teaching. Till now, all together, the school has employed 16 foreign teachers, and they have made great contributions to oral English teaching to the students & the local education.

The school offers each foreign teacher a room with a usable area of 25 square meters with basic facilities in it such as a bathroom, an air conditioning and necessary furniture. Also, the school offers a sharing office whose pattern is just the same as the room the school offers each foreign teacher. There is a bathroom and some basic facilities like a washing machine, a refrigerator, a set of sofa, a desk computer, a microwave oven, an air conditioning and so on inside.

The number of the students and ages: On average, about 70 students in each class of junior grades at the age of 13~15, and 60 students in each class of senior grades at the age of 16~18. Oral English teaching is arranged for Grade 7 and 8 and Grade 10.

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  • 1. Near scenic tourist areas like Zhangjiajie and Fenghuang
  • 2. City Location, convenient for commuting links with the airport, highways and subways
  • 3. Professional foreign teacher management staff
  • 4. Low cost of living


  • 1. Target students: Middle school students (from Grade 7 to Grade10 )
  • 2. Hours: Max 20 class hours/week (45 mins per class hour)
  • 3. Objectives: Responsible for English teaching (both oral and aural). Organizing some after-school activities in accordance with requirements of the school. To help students improve their ability to read, write and speak English
  • 4. Quality: To comply with the teaching tasks and course arrangements, ensuring both quality and quantity, as required


  • 1. To accept Responsibility for assigned tasks
  • 2. To provide clear English pronunciation
  • 3. To be a graduate (aged 20 to 60 years) new graduates welcome
  • 4. To be a Native English speaker
  • 5. Have the ability to work independently as well as part of a team


  • A. 7000-RMB/month for non-experienced applicants
  • C. Salary is negotiable for experienced applicants


    ⦁ Paid extra Christmas day

  • Free accommodation
  • A flight reimbursement is provided
  • Free Utilities, electricity and network access
  • 400 Yuan meals allowance in the school canteen
  • TEFL certificate online course reimbursement
  • Paid winter holidays
  • Extra Christmas day allowance