Amy’s Story – Teaching English in China

Amy, a recent graduate from Birmingham City University shares her first 6 months with F&Y Consultant Ltd.

I knew I always wanted to travel once I graduated, especially to China, I just wasn’t sure how I was going to do it. I trolled the internet for quite a while looking for jobs working abroad, I was quite put off how so many companies were based in China, I just didn’t think I could make such a big move while not actually speaking with anyone in Birmingham first!

TEFL teacher
TEFL teacher

That is when I found F&Y Consultant Ltd., as soon as I applied I received a call a few hours later and I was already doing my first online interview! By two weeks I had been offered a contract and all that needed doing was finalising all my paper work and my TEFL certificate, Elaine, the recruitment consultant, was really helpful putting everything in place for me and I finally started to feel excited! This was actually happening!

Arriving in China was really exciting but also quite overwhelming, I was met at the airport by a representative from the school and she took me to my apartment, once I settled in and met a few of the other international teachers I knew I was really going to love this experience!

I actually had a couple of weeks before I started teaching so I got to travel around and get a feel of the place, I’m staying in Wuhan city, which is by far better than I was expecting! the restaurants are really cheap and a great place to learn Chinese! The nightlife is so vibrant and fun and the night markets are truly remarkable! I also met the other teachers so I actually had friends in the school I was teaching in which really made such a big difference!

Wuhan City, China
Wuhan, China

My first day teaching at English First (EF) School was really exciting, I was welcomed with open arms by the teachers and the students were immaculately behaved. I felt ready to teach and my TEFL course was all coming back to me. I wanted to get to know my class so I decided to use fun speaking games to get them learning. Below is  a picture of my class showing me their favourite dance pose, they learned to describe this in English.

Dance Moves in TEFL class
Dance Moves in TEFL class

Since arriving in China I have had such amazing experiences, apart from having the privilege to teach English to amazing young children, in my free time (which is a lot as my contract is only 20 hours per week)  I have walked along the Great Wall of China, I have climbed mountains and swam under waterfalls and I have had the chance to cuddle cute Pandas! F&Y Consultant Ltd gave me a free package to volunteer at the Panda sanctuary, which they do with all their new applicants after signing a contract, I even got a certificate!

TEFL volunteers at Panda reservation

I am looking forward to continuing my journey in China and I am so thankful for this amazing opportunity!

Are you ready to start your adventure teaching English in China? 

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