Using a Recruiter for TEFL jobs-good/bad?

Making that huge decision to teach in China can be very daunting, throw in the added pressure of finding the perfect recruiter, this can sometimes be enough to put your dream job on hold! Fear not! We are here to help!

Dream Job
Dream Job

Here at F&Y Consultant Ltd., we believe the first process in contact with a candidate should be guidance and information. For this reason, anyone who shows an interest via our website, we send out an information pack including jobs and locations. This gives you the chance to take your time and evaluate what school, age, area would really suit you best. unfortunately, there are many recruiters out there bombarding you into a corner to make a decision immediately! The best way to avoid recruiters such as these is to do your research.


First of all, all listings you find on google will have reviews or other activity such as blogs or useful articles along with links to their website or job boards, it is vital to check they are social media active, do they add posts of pictures/testimonials of teachers they have sent to China? Are they engaging positively on their social media platforms? Most of all; all good recruiters do not charge for this process, at all! Any google listings you find that have none of the above and request payment are the ones best to avoid!


1. Is the job description laid out well, easy to understand and includes all relevant information?

2. Can you see reviews from other applicants or employee reviews?

3. Is the salary reasonable?, too low or too high can be very suspicious!

4. Is the location of the job clear?

5. Are the benefits and requirements laid out clearly?

Once you are satisfied with the job offer it is important to evaluate whether you choose to use a recruiter to gain a job teaching English in China or choose to go it alone

Here are 5 benefits of choosing a good recruiter such as F&Y Consultant:

• Let us do the hard work for you!
recruiters have done the basic hard work for you already, by filtering out all the bad schools and contacts in China. Recruiters only work with well established schools with excellent reputations. recruiters also have the power to negotiate packages including salary and benefits, putting in a huge amount of time contacting schools and educational institutes to get the best outcome possible for TEFL teachers.

Quick access to school contacts on a daily basis
Recruiters have many schools on their database from Kindergarten, Middle schools, Language schools, public and private schools, universities and English language centres for adult learning. F&Y Consultant are in contact with institutes such as the above on a daily basis, we know their requirements, when they are hiring and can do all the negotiating. This of course is a free service, which we feel you should make the most of! It is incredibly harder to get these contacts yourself and to make the connection with the schools.

Make the most of the guidance and support
as well as finding you the perfect school and arranging interviews, recruiters offer vital information and free guidance. This can range from what to expect in your interview, everything you need to know about visas, cultural and Chinese language advice, cost of living information and what you will need to take with you to China. F&Y Consultant provides online blogs and articles of information stated above on a weekly basis, we are always keeping individuals up to date with everything TEFL,visa,teacher testimonials,Life in China related!

Schools in China are less likely to privately advertise their jobs, they choose good recruiters such as F&Y Consultant to advertise on their behalf
In many cases, schools in China are far too busy to advertise their jobs themselves, this is where the recruiters come in! We have access to a bulk of job offers that are not visible to those not using an online recruiter. we are able to filter the best job offers and offer our candidates a variety of jobs in a variety of locations. Thus, resulting in you having the choice!

The service is totally free!
F&Y Consultant and other good recruiters do not charge for this service, we also do not take any percentage from your salary! You gain exclusive access to a number of vacancies and locations, you get support from recruitment specialists fluent in English and Chinese whose sole purpose; is to provide you with vital information and guidance and find the best possible vacancies in China! The money we make is from the school, not from you! In fact we don’t receive payment until you begin your role in China. So, our promise to you is to find the best school suited to you with the best benefit package to ensure your happiness!

TEFL teacher
TEFL teacher

Of course you can apply directly to schools! Yet, what is the harm in trying out a great recruitment service free of charge? Have all of the best vacancies in your reach and get ahead of the game! APPLY NOW , tell us what it is your looking for and we will do the rest of the leg work!

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