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Searching for a teaching job in China can seem like a job role in itself!

once you have finally secured an interview with a good recruitment agency such as F&Y Consultant Ltd, it is vital you are prepared and present yourself in the best possible light. Here at F&Y Consultant Ltd, we have interviewed hundreds of candidates for teaching roles in China, along with vast experience in consulting with Chinese schools to gain imperative knowledge on what they are looking for. For this reason, we feel we are the perfect ‘go to’ contact to help you secure that perfect teaching job in China!

We Are Hiring
We Are Hiring

Below we have included everything you need to know to sail through your teaching English in China job interview.
Let’s get started!

Preparation before the interview

It is always a good idea to read up on the recruitment agency to learn about the schools they are partnered with, the requirements they usually look for and the places in China you could expect to be travelling to. This will show you possess great initiative, have a mature response to what schools and areas would suit you best and most of all that you are interested in the job you are interviewing for. Let’s be honest if you are packing your life up for the year and travelling across the globe you want to pick the most suitable role for you!
The best way to do this is to write down any questions you may have about the role and China itself to ask in your interview. Although the interviewer will be asking you questions they will expect you to do the same.


Preparing for the Skype interview

In most cases interviews for teaching abroad are done via Skype. One of the reasons for this is to provide travel convenience for candidates. At F&Y Consultant Ltd we use the recording of the Skype interview to send to all our schools in China, this means one interview from each candidate can be sent to many vacancies and schools in China. One tip numerous candidates forget is to check the headset, microphone and web cam are working correctly before the interview. It is certainly worth making sure you choose a quiet and light place for the interview and of course to dress professionally.

Top tips during the interview

Generally, the interview will begin with the chance for you to introduce yourself within a few sentences. This is the chance to bring out your personality, any hobbies you may have and your current/past work experience. The interviewer will introduce the job to you explaining what the school/schools are like, the cities you would be placed and the general duties and working hours of the role. This is your chance to say why you want the role and what experiences you have that match the requirements. If your work experience is not in teaching you will be advised to complete a TEFL course, if you haven’t done so already. F&Y Consultant Ltd can give you all the information you need to complete a TEFL course and what you can expect from the course and your journey teaching in China

Below is a list of sample questions the interviewer may ask:

Sample questions for TEFL graduates

• What was covered in the TEFL course?

• Is there anything specific you found problematic during the TEFL course?

• Is there anything specific you found stimulating during the TEFL course?

• Describe the situation you found difficult, what task did you need to complete to resolve this, what action did you take and what was the result?

• What feedback did you receive from your TEFL teachers?

• How did you find the classroom planning and management tasks?

• Do you think there are any areas you still need improvement on?

• What are your main strengths you are taking away from this course?

• What age group do you think you would like to teach?

• How would you handle large groups of students and are you OK with this?

Sample questions for experienced teachers

• What age group do you have experience with?

• Can you tell me a little more about your teaching experience?

• Do you have lots of experience in lesson planning?

• Talk me through an example of one of your lesson plans?

• How would you deal with students who do not seem motivated?
• What techniques do you know to keep students engaged?

• Do you know any activities that are successful in gaining 100 percent student participation and enjoyment in learning?

• Are there any areas in your teaching style you would like to improve?

• What would you say are your 5 key strengths and weaknesses in teaching?

• How would you handle large groups of students and are you OK with this

Assets candidates must posses

China holds educational values at the forefront of its culture and society. For this reason, the teaching staff in Chinese schools are often a very tight-knit group. Therefore, it is vital you get along with other staff. The assets they will be looking for in you is a passion for teaching, reliability, strong motivation and to be open-minded to the cultural differences.


Ask Questions
Ask Questions

The chance to ask questions about the job, school and city

Now is the chance to ask those pre-written questions and any that may have come up during the interview. This is your chance to get a full insight into the job role, the school and what China has to offer you!

Below are sample questions you may want to ask in the interview:

Sample questions to ask about the job and school

• What will my working hours be?

• What will my salary be?

• What are the teaching resources like at this school?

• Will I have a teaching assistant?

• How many students will I usually have in each class?

• Will I have the chance to teach out-of-hours private tuition?

• Will it take me long to travel to this school?

• Are there public transport links to this school?

• Will I have flexibility on what I would like to teach?

Sample questions to ask about accommodation and the city

• Will accommodation be provided?

• Will the accommodation be furnished?

• Will I have to pay rent and utilities?

• Will I have to share with other teachers?

• Will I need to bring my own socket converters and laptop?

• Are there any tourist attractions near to me?

• What are the living costs like?

• Are there supermarkets to buy grocery’s?

• Are there any restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs?

• Is there a gym I could join?

• What other leisure facilities could I use?

• Are there transport links to visit other areas of China?

• Is there a chance for me to learn Chinese?

• What entertainment is on offer near to me?

Important questions to ask

• Is there any reimbursement on my flights?

• How long is my contract?

• How do I get a working visa?

• What legal documents do I need copies of and where do I send these?

F&Y Consultant Ltd provides vital support in obtaining the legal documents needed to work in China read more here How To Work Legally in China
Remember most of all, be well prepared for the interview with all your questions set out in front of you and of course remember to SMILE, relax and show the recruitment agency you are the perfect match for the job! If you take on board all the above tips you will sail through your interview, the offers will come flooding in and you will be in the position to choose the job that suits you best!

Dream Job
Dream Job

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