F&Y Career Development Service

F&Y Consultant presents the Career Development Programme!

Did you think once you sign a contract with us its bon voyage and off you pop to China! Wrong! We stay with you every step of the way, you can’t get rid of us that easily!

Hurrah for the Career Development Programme!
Hurrah for the Career Development Programme!

We like to keep in touch with our TEFL teachers, we want to know all about your exciting adventures and keep you updated on all our useful tips for TEFL lessons! We also like to share your stories with others, to inspire and ignite the passion for teaching in China!

TEFL teacher
TEFL teacher

If you choose to stay on in China to teach English, which I’m sure you will! F&Y have created a Careers Development Programme, the focus? YOU! Due to our great reputation with schools in China, we have teamed up with many educational institutions to negotiate on your behalf. So, what does this really mean for you?

F&Y will negotiate an increase in wage.

F&Y will negotiate further benefits in your contract

F&Y will promote you to other schools, should you wish to move schools/location

F&Y will ensure you receive the same benefits stated in your previous contract e.g. paid accommodation

F&Y will provide an on-going service to you, ensuring regular contact and check-ins

you are not jetting off to China alone, we will be with you each step on your amazing journey, that is the F&Y Promise!

For more information on the Career Development programme and to see our amazing vacancies please email info@fyconsultant.co.uk or visit

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