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TEFL Teachers

The start to 2018 has been very exciting for our recent TEFL teachers who have jetted off to begin a new adventure to teach English in China.









(As seen above)

Are sharing their story of the first 3 weeks in Wuhan, China. So, of course we are sharing it with you!

Once all the TEFL teachers were picked up from the airport and taken to their accommodation; one flat for the boys, one flat for the girls, and of course had the chance to settle in, they were whisked off to Wuhan Museum. This was to get an insight into the cultures and traditions of the beautifully historic area they would be living and working in.

Trip To The Museum 



<I think the jet-lag may be kicking in for Mark at the back! 🙂

After the Museum the TEFL teachers were taken out for some real authentic Chinese food, this gave them a chance to learn a few simple phrases like:

“Duo Shao Qian?” (How much does it cost?)

“Fuwu yuan” (Waiter)

“Zai Lai Ge” (One more please)

“Xiaofei” (Tip)

“Kuaizi” (Chopsticks)

“Wo Bao Le” (I am full)

“Pijiu” (Beer) Probably one of the most important!

“Duo Xie” (Many thanks)

“Buyao Xiexie” (No thank you)

The TEFL teachers were then taken back to their accommodation and given the chance to have a well-deserved rest! A school representative visited the TEFL teachers over the next two days to make sure everything was ok. However, it was important to give the teachers time to feel at ease in their own pace, it also gave them all a chance to bond with each other and explore their surroundings together.

Colin and Mark even got the chance to have lunch with their local neighbours!

Lunch with the neighbours

The First Day At School 

Monday morning arrived and it was time to check out their new school and meet the children, the TEFL group said they felt more excitement than nerves and were eager to begin to teach TEFL in China. To begin with, the TEFL group met with school staff to finalise any paper work and ask any questions before being taken to their classroom.

TEFL teachers meeting the staff

The first week (16 hours) of teaching was in the style of the ‘shadowing approach’. The TEFL teachers sat in with other English classes to get to grips with the teaching styles preferred in the school. This was very useful to all the group as they had an idea of what to expect in their own classroom.

During their free time the group went out to restaurants, clubs, bars and of course Karaoke. They got the chance to mix with the locals and other members of the expat community of foreign teachers in China, there was to their surprise quite a large number of foreign teachers living in the same area.

And as English do best, they soon discovered their own “local”

Chinese Pub

Week Two Of Teaching 

Week two of teaching was much more intense, yet so much more exciting! The TEFL teachers were given their own classes, and it was time to teach! Each member of the TEFL group excelled in this experience, the ambition, passion and sheer Enthusiasm to their classroom experiences shone through while interviewing them via WeChat!

TEFL Classroom

TEFL Classroom

TEFL Classroom

All of the group shared their joint interest in using TEFL warm-up games to include in their classes, this is something we had discussed in the UK during their application process, they found the children were extremely motivated by fun learning games, the school was also equally impressed.

Jumbled up English words to form an English phrase

As the TEFL group approaches the end of their first month teaching in China, the overall consensus is “wow!”. The experiences they have shared with one another, and with strangers met in their local karaoke bar, are life-long memories. The impact this group has had on the children is wonderful, the chance to teach young minds and watch them grow is overwhelmingly gratifying

If you feel this is something you would like to experience for yourself then check out our Vacancies or send your CV to info@fyconsultant.co.uk . Your journey begins here!

*Teaching English in China is highly suitable to graduates, in fact many of the jobs advertised on behalf of China for TEFL teachers indicates Graduate jobs in China*

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