Theresa May Unveils New Education Deal With China

Theresa May has announced a new education deal with China, since her latest visit regarding the negotiations “to boost trade and investment after Brexit”.

Theresa May
Theresa May

The initiative of the education deal is the extension of a Maths teacher exchange programme and a new campaign to promote English language teaching across China, executed by foreign teachers, especially those with British citizenship.

What does this mean for TEFL teachers?



Fear not! This is good news for UK TEFL teachers!

The un-certainty Brexit has left for many TEFL teachers wanting to (or perhaps are already) teaching in Europe, is unfortunately still, as you may have guessed…uncertain!

However, it is not just Europe affected, the clauses in the Brexit deal have affected business for the UK globally.

China has one of the largest growing economies in the world, for this reason the UK needs to “intensify the golden era in UK-China relations” BBC News

One way Theresa May is doing is through the promotion of teaching English in China from English native speakers, this is currently a booming industry, perhaps one of the most important industries within the Chinese culture. The rapid growth in their economy results in the need for their future generations to have fluent English as a necessity for future success.

The Education Deal Includes:

  • Extension of a maths teacher exchange programme for a further two years to 2020, enabling around 200 English teachers to visit China
  • Joint training of pre-school staff in the UK and China
  • Better information-sharing on vocational education
  • The launch of an “English is GREAT” campaign to promote English language learning in China
  • Education deals worth more than £550m, which it is claimed will create 800 jobs in the UK

BBC News 

Mrs May said new agreements signed on her trip would “enable more children and more young people than ever to share their ideas about our two great nations”, helping to ensure that “our golden era of co-operation will endure for generations to come”.

BBC News 

TEFL Classroom
TEFL Classroom

The future is looking bright for TEFL teachers in China after Brexit, the added bonus is that the UK government will be working hard to promote excellent communications in this practise with China, The final result?

  • Increased protection for UK teachers in China
  • A strong focus in the recognition for the importance for UK English teachers
  • Development of further job openings for TEFL teachers
  • Higher than average wage
  • Benefits such as flight allowance+free accomodation

These are all things that we are very passionate about at F&Y Consultant and always strive to achieve this for our TEFL teachers, throughout the recruitment service provided.

For more information on teaching English in China please feel free to email or simply visit our website to search current vacancies and regions. Your journey starts here!

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