2018 TEFL teachers

2018 has proven to be an exciting start of the year for many of our recent graduates, jetting off to China to begin their adventures in their first graduate job abroad!

Like all of our clients, we have kept in regular contact with the new TEFL teachers, and they have shared with us their take on Beijing, the vibrant city they completed their teacher training programme.

The best part about relocating  to teach English in China is the fact we have the chance to travel and explore too! Since arriving in China we have spent all our free time sight seeing around Beijing!

Hayden and Shan take to the streets of Beijing!
Hayden and Shan take to the streets of Beijing!
Sight Seeing in our free time!
Sight Seeing in our free time!
Sight Seeing in our free time!
Sight Seeing in our free time!
Sight Seeing in our free time!
Sight Seeing in our free time!
The Food here is amazing!!

The rest of the time was spent on a teacher training programme at a kindergarten in Beijing, this was gearing the TEFL teachers up for their new role as an English teacher in China. The skills learned here are vital experiences to transfer to any teaching role, whether it is as an English teacher or not.

The areas covered in the teacher training programme

Teaching students to develop language skills: listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing.

Lesson Planning

Games to introduce active learning

Classroom management

Developing working relationships with staff and parents

The group found it particularly refreshing working with young children through their work experience. It is also a great place to start with getting to grips with teaching very basic English language learning techniques

Kindergarten Classroom

Before you know it you will become a TEFL Pro! Just like Salem above!

The bonds a teacher makes with a student is very unique, our TEFL teachers have expressed in great detail how the cultural differences have greatly contributed in making these bonds stronger, they in fact learn from one another, and find alternative ways in expressing themselves to one another. The journey is something they all share; the students learning a new language (perhaps for the first time) and the teachers learning a new culture, whilst teaching (perhaps for the first time).

The TEFL group have finished their teacher training and are now travelling to their new school locations. We wish them all the best of luck and will be sure to keep in regular contact, and of course sharing any news with you all too!

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When I was at University I always thought about graduate jobs in China, I never thought for once this would one day be my own reality! This has been one of the best experiences in my life!


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