Are you looking for your next adventure? Teaching abroad could be a great new chapter in your life.

Here are our top 5 books to give you an idea of how to prepare and what it’s like to teach around the world.

100 Tips for Teaching English Abroad: How to start, survive, and thrive

100 Tips for Teaching English Abroad is a useful resource in helping the reader clarify ideas and pointing out some of the realities – both pros and cons of teaching abroad. It is written in an approachable and down to earth manner and has encourages the reader make some concrete plans before making the leap.

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TEFL: The Complete Guide to Teaching English Abroad

This book is very informative for any budding TEFL teachers, or in fact current TEFL teachers. The book covers everything you need to know with regards to tutoring English abroad and goes into depth on how to get jobs, good TEFL courses, where to find work and what to take with you.

This book basically covers all the essentials.

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Teaching English Abroad

This is a fantastic guide to pursuing a career in tutoring English as a foreign language around the world. The book is a wonderful resource whether you’re a trained teacher, newly qualified or want to travel the globe. Teaching English Abroad provides you with all the essential information you need, region by region so that you have a safe and successful trip.

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English Rocks! 101 ESL Games, Activities, and Lesson Plans: Volume 1 (Teaching Abroad)

English Rocks! is a great ESL resource and is highly recommended for any beginner, intermediate or other ESL teachers, it is an alphabetically ordered compendium of fun and easy to follow games. It is a book that you will come back to time and time again as it’s a reference book while you work.

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Teaching Abroad: International Education and the Cross-cultural Classroom

This book really gives you some great information on how to teach abroad, the writing is articulate, humorous, and gave very clear explanations for the reasons why and how to prepare yourself to teach abroad. This book clearly gives teachers the ins and outs of how to be a success in this career abroad.

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