Top 5 Attractions in China

China has become the centre for teaching jobs abroad, due to the simple requirements of a bachelors degree and TEFL certificate, China has also become the hub for graduate jobs in China!

as well as gaining superb career experiences, graduates and foreign teachers have the amazing chance to experience China’s attractions, we have compiled a list of our top 5 attractions for those of you interested in visiting, or even better…teaching in China!


The first attraction we all think of regarding China, is of course The Great Wall of China! So, lets start there!

The Great Wall Of China 

The Great Wall Of China
The Great Wall Of China

One of the most iconic symbols of China, The Great Wall of China is located near to Beijing and is the longest wall in the world. This breath-taking ancient beauty is around 21,196 km (13,170 miles) long and the best-preserved areas for you to visit are in Beijing. The winding paths along steep mountains and rugged country behold some great scenery, including the vast mountains surrounding Beijing, the deserts uniquely pressed between mountainous valleys and the beaches of Qinhuangdao.

The Chinese name for The Great Wall of China is “Changcheng- (Long Wall)”

3 Great Facts To Know About The Great Wall Of China

1. The Great Wall Of China is more than 2,300 years old

2. The most popular Great Wall legend is about Meng Jiangnv, whose husband died while building the Wall. It is thought her weeping was so strong that a section of the wall collapsed, revealing her husband’s bones so she could give him a burial.

3. The most famous section of the Great Wall (Badaling) has been visited by more than 300 heads of state and VIPS worldwide. The first to visit was Soviet statesman Klim Voroshilov in 1957

The Terracotta Army in Xi’an

The Terracotta Army in Xi’an

The Terracotta Army lay underground undiscovered for over 2,000 years, this was until farmers digging a well, uncovered one of the greatest archaeological wonders in the world. It is thought Qin Shi Huang had his warriors with him to rule in death as he had done in life, conquering over all other Chinese armies, as triumphed in life between 475-221 BC.

3 Great Facts To Know About The Terracotta Army

1. It is described as the eighth wonder of the world

2. Since its discovery it is clear there are not just warriors. Included in the tomb are 130 chariots and 670 horses

3. Although there are so many figures, no two figures are the same, each warrior has unique facial features

The Forbidden City 

The Forbidden City


Once known as a ‘palace city’ where the ‘ordinary’ people were restricted entrance, is an extravagant demonstration of ancient Chinese architecture, consisting of over 8,000 rooms with golden roofs and hand painted elegantly designed walls.

The Forbidden City was home to the Ming and Qing Dynasties for 560 years, this is now known as ‘The Palace Museum’ and is a treasure house of Chinese historic and cultural remnants.

3 Great Facts To Know About The Forbidden City

1.The Forbidden City is China’s most popular tourist attraction boasting 14 million visitors annually.

2.The Forbidden City is the largest ancient palace of its time in the world

3.The Forbidden City was home to 24 Chinese Emperors

The Yellow Mountains

The Yellow Mountains

The Yellow Mountains are close to Shanghai and Hangzhou and are the most famous peaks in China. Many travellers visit these mountains for the sheer breath-taking beauty of the scenery and is, understandably, a tribute to 5 great wonders of the world; Sun rises, seas of clouds, mis-shaped rocks, huge pine trees creating upward twists and hot springs.

3 Great Facts To Know About The Yellow Mountains 

1.Tunxi Ancient Street is located among the Yellow Mountains and is the best-preserved ancient street in China. Consisting of architectural styles of the Song, Ming and Qing dynasties.

2.’Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ was filmed among the yellow mountains, in Hong Village situated at the foot of the mountains.

3.During the Winter period the yellow mountains are home to the rare Rime trees

The Giant Pandas 

Panda Cubs

Giant Pandas

The Giant Panda is a true symbol of China and is protected in conservation centres all over. However, Chengdu is the best place to ‘get up and close’ with these majestic creatures.

The top place to visit is the Bifengxia Panda Base, here you stay in the camp volunteering to look after the Pandas. This includes cleaning, feeding, playing with and overall maintenance of the Pandas and their enclosures. F&Y Consultant offers this amazing experience free of charge to our TEFL teachers (depending on school and date)

To find out more about this opportunity please see our PANDA page

Teaching English in China is not just an experience to enhance your career, it is a chance to enhance oneself culturally, and to discover some of the worlds greatest wonders. TEFL is your ticket, finance your travels the smart way and make a difference in peoples lives worldwide! Starting in China of course!

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